$1000 Scholarship to Nursing Students. This nursing scholarship is open to all nursing students: from LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, DNP & PhD.

As an organization founded by nurses and having attended nursing school ourselves, we can attest that it was one of the hardest and most rewarding accomplishments in our lives. We want to support the next generation of nurses by providing a scholarship to help a current nursing student while in nursing school.

 Nursing Scholarship Information:

To Apply:

1. Create your FREE custom profile on HireNurses.com which includes an “about me” section, resume, photo, references and background check.

2. Send a one-page essay (300-400 Words) via email scholarship@hirenurses.com telling us why you are choosing to be a nurse and how this scholarship will help in pursuing your nursing degree.


  1. Enrolled Nursing Student in an accredited Nursing University for 2017-2018 School Year.
  2.  In good standing at your Nursing school.
  3.  U.S Citizen or Legal Resident.
  4. This nursing scholarship is open to all nursing students: starting their nursing career to pursuing your bachelors, masters or doctorate or PhD in nursing.
  5.  All profiles on HireNurses.com will be reviewed to make sure they include:
  6. Photo
  7. ” About Me” Section : For you own safety, please don’t type any personal contact information in “about me”.
  8. Three References: under my account page just enter email address of reference and they are able to provide simple character reference.


  1. $1000 Nursing Scholarship to be awarded.
  2. After verifying student is in good standing at their college.
  3. Deadline to Apply: Midnight January 15, 2018.
  4. Nursing Students who wins scholarship will be featured on HireNurse.com.

The nursing scholarship can be used in any way to support you while in nursing school, from books, to rent, to tuition, to childcare, — our nursing scholarship will be awarded directly to the nursing student to use at their discretion.

Get started today! Create your free professional profile on HireNurses.com, and email your essay to: scholarship@hirenurses.com.

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