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Registered Nurse ,

The ideal candidate will be responsible for providing care to patients while adhering to compliance standards. This candidate should be able to recognize patient needs and prioritize those needs with the needs outlined by physicians. 



  • Assure quality care by adhering to standards set by the physicians
  • Adhere to compliance guidelines throughout processes (OSHA, FDA, HIPAA)



  • Must be a Registered Professional Nurse with current licensure
  • CPR Certification
  • Knowledge of OSHA, FDA, and HIPAA compliance
  • Able to manage groups of 12 or less
  • Must speak Spanish
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Daniela Abreu-Flemming
Fort Myers, FL, United States


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This website is fantastic! Mother of a Special Needs Child.

"I am a Registered Nurse and the mother of a special needs daughter. I have used Hirenurses.com to hire a competent CNA/Nurse to care for my 9 year old special needs daughter. The website is fantastic and has put us in touch with several people to help fill some of our PCA hours. It is such a relief knowing there is a place to go to look for competent and compassionate medical professionals to care for complex and vulnerable loved ones."

5 Lori H North Andover MA 2/24/2015