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CRISIS RATES Renown Health ,
RN nurses need at least 2 years of nursing experience.

Preferably a Bachelors, ADN is acceptable.Must pass a telemetry competency exam to include identifying and measuring telemetry rhythms strips.
58 bed unit that is staffed with registered nurses and certified nurse assistants. Patient ratios are between 1:4-6 patients. CCT monitors patients in a remote room continually. Ancillary staff includes, but is not limited to a Rapid Response Team, phlebotomists, EKG technicians, and Respiratory Therapists. Types of diagnosis include CHF, Alcohol Withdrawal, NSTEMI's, sepsis, dysrhythmias, PNA, COPD and other respiratory diagnosis patients, post procedures for pacemakers, ablations, and cath lab. Medications include non-titratable cardiac medication drips (Cardizem, Lasix, Nitro).

Schedule consists of a 4 week period in which preferences are written out and the leadership may change the requests to balance the staff in order to meet the needs of the unit. Nurses are required to work 1 extra shift and 4 weekend shifts in that four week period. Additionally, they must work 2/3 major holidays in the contract period. There will be opportunities to float to ICU, medical floors as well Renown South Meadows.
Must be Joint Commission Certified.
CRISIS RATES Acuity Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey ,
 Patient Acuity
Medically complex patients that essentially need an ICU level RN, or a strong Stepdown RN , that can function with drips, vents and some ET tubes. (Due to NJ law, the facility is not permitted to call it an ICU, but functionally, that is precisely what it is.) Ratios are typically 2:1 or 3:1. Some patients are 4:1 Patients are hard-wired for ICU level monitoring, many are on drips. 60% are vents. Paper charting, no EMR deployed . NO Call, but schedule will include EOW "every other weekend". Current NJ license. 69-bed facility. 
CRISIS RATES Bay Area Hospital ,
POSITION SUMMARY Within the RN scope of practice as defined by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, applies the nursing process to the care of patients.  Documents patient care in the medical record. Collaborates with the interdisciplinary team to effectively coordinate overall care of the patient.

Assesses patients, as appropriate to the scope of care the nurse will provide. Assessments may include: physical, psychosocial, learning needs and barriers, needs related to age/culture, discharge planning. Establishes nursing diagnoses based on results of assessments and in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team. Plans care according to identified diagnoses and needs. Updates plan of care as appropriate. Implements/performs individualized care, based on nursing care plan and the nurse s role with the patient. This care may include but not be limited to: Assisting with activities of daily living, including fall risk management and safe patient handling. Medication administration Skin assessment/wound care Pain management Operation/manipulation of biomedical and other patient care and testing equipment, including but not limited to infusion pumps, patient transfer equipment, cardiopulmonary monitors, invasive catheters and drains, thermoregulation devices, measurement devices, medication dispensing cabinets, external therapeutic devices. Assisting the physician and other licensed, independent practitioners with invasive and non-invasive procedures. Teaching patients and their families about current illness, medical tests, medication, general healthcare, illness and disease prevention, and wellness promotion. Providing appropriate assignment, supervision, and direction to unlicensed assistive personnel in order to ensure optimum patient care. Providing interdisciplinary coordination and facilitation of overall care. Documents patient assessments, interventions, care, and teaching in the electronic medical record. Documents in paper format, as necessary. Documentation is complete, concise, timely, and legible. Evaluates care provided, communicates patient status and results of care to the interdisciplinary team. Proficiently identifies and interprets cardiac rhythm strips; thoroughly knowledgeable regarding cardiac monitoring system and defibrillator functions. Computerized charting, medication systems, etc.) Bedside barscan of medication. All documentation is electronic (Soarian) except for traumas, codes and some other misc situations.

5 years exp. ER nurse 
3-5 years exp. Acute Care as an RN Acute Care in Trauma level 1 or 2 facility.
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This website is fantastic! Mother of a Special Needs Child.

"I am a Registered Nurse and the mother of a special needs daughter. I have used to hire a competent CNA/Nurse to care for my 9 year old special needs daughter. The website is fantastic and has put us in touch with several people to help fill some of our PCA hours. It is such a relief knowing there is a place to go to look for competent and compassionate medical professionals to care for complex and vulnerable loved ones."

5 Lori H North Andover MA 2/24/2015