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  • Part time
  • $$20.00 an hour/per hour

Job Description

Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center (MBCWC) is currently seeking a qualified LPN (or equivalent practitioner) to join our team.  MBCWC is an integrated medicine practice offering comprehensive functional medicine evaluation and treatment, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, IV therapies, ozone therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments and non-toxic medical aesthetics.  Prior experience with medical aesthetics (PRP facials, radiofrequency and ultrasound skin/body treatments) is preferred, but not mandatory.  The job description is as follows:

1.    Position
a.    Part Time, possible transition to Full Time
b.    Hourly Rate: $20
c.     Initial Expected Hours: 20 per week
        i.     Possible transition to 40 hours (plus overtime as needed)
d.    Pay Period: Bi-Weekly
e.    Location: On-site

2.    Requirements
a.    Physical
        i.     Sitting, standing, walking in clinic up to 12 hours daily
                   ii.     Lifting up to 20 pounds
                  iii.     Assisting with transfer of patients on and off of exam tables
                  iv.     Climbing small ladders, reaching overhead
b.    Professional
                  i.     Computer Proficiency
1.    Microsoft Office Suite
2.    Email
3.    Internet research
                  ii.     Counseling
1.    Able to convey complex health information to patients at an appropriate level
2.    Able to provide compassionate counseling to patients in physical, mental and emotional distress
3.    Abides by the highest ethical standards of patient care, in compliance with HIPPAA and other applicable practice guidelines
                 iii.     Clinical Skills
1.    Obtain intake history, vital signs, prepare patients for procedures and obtain informed consent
2.    Position patients and assist with recovery from procedures
3.    Perform phlebotomy, prepare intravenous infusions, site intravenous catheters, administer intravenous therapies, subcutaneous, subdermal and intramuscular injections.
4.    Assist and perform medical aesthetics procedures:
a.    PRP for facial rejuvenation
b.    PRP for hair loss
c.     Alma Accent Prime treatments (Radiofrequency and Ultrasound)
                          i.     Fat/cellulite reduction
                         ii.     Facial rejuvenation, treatment of fine lines/wrinkles
5.    Assist in office surgical procedures
6.    Chaperone for gynecological exams
7.    Provide counseling regarding treatment plans, medication/supplement regimens and specialty services offered at MBCWC including:
a.    Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
b.    Comprehensive Functional Medicine Evaluation and Treatment
c.     Low Dose Allergen Therapy
d.    Advanced IV Therapies
e.    Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapies
f.      Halo Biophoton and CyberScan Energetic Medicine
8.    Monitor lab results, inform patients when results are ready and make appropriate follow up appointments
9.    Make follow up phone calls to assess patient status and compliance with treatment plans
10.    Coordinate referrals to other specialist providers
iv.     Teamwork
1.    Able to work well with all members of MBCWC team
2.    Active and engaged in work projects
3.    Able to identify problem areas of the practice, bring them to the attention of Management and assist in the implementation of solutions
v.     Cash Handling
1.    Create invoices in the computer system
2.    Receive payments in cash, credit or check
vi.     Office machinery
1.    Able to operate copier, scanner, fax machine, paper shredder, laminator
3.    Responsibilities
a.    Develop relationships with the patients of MBCWC to facilitate and expedite their care.  Specific examples of this include, but are not limited to:
 i.     Welcome patients and their family members into the practice, provide an orientation to the clinic and the conduct of their care
ii.     Educate patients regarding conduct of lab and radiological testing
iii.     Coordinate referrals and follow up appointments
iv.     Make reminder phone calls, texts and emails regarding appointments
 v.     Facilitate communication between patients, their family members and the health care team at MBCWC
vi.     Educate patients regarding diet plans, supplement/herbal/ medication regimens and lifestyle changes as prescribed by Drs. Rowe and Estes
vii.     Counsel patients regarding medical aesthetic procedures.
viii.     Provide compassionate support to all patients seeking care at MBCWC
b.    Maintain compliance with HIPPAA privacy standards
c.    Document communication with patients and the progress of their care
d.     Provide excellent customer service and serve as a liaison for the practice to assist in settling patient complaints
e.    Develop and implement care strategies and health promotion programs
f.    Assist clinic patient flow with check in, room turnover and check out
g.      Assist in ordering, receiving, organizing and maintaining appropriate inventory of testing materials and medical supplies
h.    Answer phone calls, return messages, schedule appointments
i.    Communicate with outside health care providers, labs, suppliers and vendors
j.      Conduct transactions to collect payments for treatments, consultations, supplies and supplements
4.    Reporting Structure
a.    Primary: Nurse Manager
b.    Secondary: Practice Manager
5.    Benefits
a.    Discounted Acupuncture Sessions, Functional Medicine Consultations
b.    Discounted B12 and Glutathione IM Injections
c.     Discounted IV Infusions- Vitamin Cocktail, Glutathione Push, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Phosphatidylcholine.
d.    All lab work, supplements and products sold at MBCWC at wholesale price


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