Full Time Outpatient Registered Nurse with Stock Options

Houston, Texas 77019


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We are an outpatient practice focusing on prostate cancer and BPH, particularly MRI guided prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment using a minimally invasive laser system. I am an interventional radiologist, and we are disrupting this field of urology.

Imagine if a family member needed a breast cancer screening and the doctor said, "Allow me to take 12 random samples of each breast, and if there is cancer, hopefully we'll hit it." Believe it or not, that is still the standard of care for prostate cancer (with a 30-40% miss rate depending on the study).

More specifically about the position, it is a full time salaried position. Health insurance and stock options are some of the benefits.  We are concierge, so a lot more time spent per patient. Low volume, high margin. We would workup patients, perform procedural sedation, help manage issues as they come up.  

I started my private practice in 2016, and it has been successful. I sold it to Halo Diagnostics in 2020, and we are trying to grow the practice to have a great impact on many men. Halo Diagnostics is building out a tech platform, and they have a very interesting strategy to bring medical tech products to market.  Please contact us to learn more and possibly come in for an interview.

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Ara Karamanian

Houston, TX, United States

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Full Time Outpatient Registered Nurse with Stock Options


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