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Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking male and female staff for four residential Environmental Education Camps. All four programs cater to campers in two age groups: 11-13 years old or 14-17 years old. There are four camps around the state: Camp Colby near Saranac Lake and Pack Forest near Warrensburg both located in the Adirondacks, Camp DeBruce in the Catskill Mountains and Camp Rushford in Allegany County in western New York. Campers arrive on Sunday afternoon and leave on Friday at 4:30 PM.

The four geographically diverse environmental education camps teach youth the importance of conservation. Well trained and hardworking staff are located at each camp. Their primary goal is to ensure the safety of all campers while teaching valuable lessons about the environment, and providing an opportunity for each camper to develop outdoor skills and knowledge.

Room and board are provided to all staff members. Employment at camp begins in mid-June and ends mid-August. All Camp Program Staff, including Health Directors and due to the nature of working at a residential summer camp, are overtime ineligible and can earn a maximum of 40 hours of hourly pay at the rate listed.

The Health Director is held accountable for the health and well-being of both staff, volunteers and campers on a 24-hour basis. The Health Director assures that Health Department requirements are reviewed and complied with as stated in State Department of Health Regulations and in the Camp Health and Safety Plan. During the camp season, the Health Director oversees the Health and Safety of the individuals working and attending the NYSDEC camp program which services 50-60 new campers each week for a total of more than 400 campers for the summer.


The Conservation Education Camp Health Director is a required position under the New York Department of Health State Sanitary Code, Subpart 7.2.  This position is required for a camp to obtain an operational permit.


•     Maintains camp infirmary.
•     Maintains records of all medications, injuries, accidents as required by the Department of Health.
•     Creates and maintains first aid kits.
•     Monitors camps living quarters for health and safety concerns.
•     Monitors individual's health of staff, volunteers and campers.
•     Prepares Illness and incident reports.
•     Follows up to make sure all Accident reports have been properly filed by staff.
•     On call 24 hours during a camp session to deal with health and medical emergencies and needs of campers and staff
•     Maintains a secure storage area for all prescription medications and personal medical information of campers, volunteers and staff.
•     Maintains inventory of first aid and medical supplies
•     Works with Camp Director to transport campers as needed to and from local urgent care, emergency rooms, doctor offices and field trip locations.
•     Notifies operational/maintenance staff of health and safety concerns.
•     Meets camper’s parents/guardians during camper check-in to review medical forms.
•     Performs Med calls to ensure the campers, volunteers and staff are receiving their medications.
•     Contacts parents/guardians when needed to keep them informed of a child’s health and needs.
•     Maintains relationship with Department of Health inspecting Sanitarian, informing them when there is an illness or injury of a camper or staff that meets criteria requiring contact with the Department of Health.
•     Maintains camp’s lost and found
•     Maintains camp’s supply of bedding, towels and extra camper clothing.
•     Maintains and completes Camp’s AED inspection and training.
•     Informs Directors, Counselors and Kitchen staff of specific camper needs, allergies, required medications and other areas that effect a campers and the camp programs health and well-being.
•     Participates in staff meeting, camp safety drills and staff training.
•     Keep accurate pill counts recorded
•     Distribute medication to parents during camper check out
•     Assists Camp Director with camper homesickness and evaluation of camper’s ability to stay at camp when issues arise such as homesickness, inability to follow rules and medication complications.
•     Send in weekly reports to Albany Camp Staff
•     Create a wish list of supplies needed at the end of the summer.


Conservation Education Camp Health Directors have frequent oral communications with all levels of the camp staff giving and receiving instructions, information and advice regarding camper health, camp safety and related health and safety information. They may also have communications with the kitchen staff to exchange information about the preparation of special foods to meet dietary requirements. 


Conservation Education Camp Health Directors are supervised by the Conservation Education Camp Director, but have a great deal of self-direction due to the nature of their position.  Camp Health Directors must be able to give direction to all camp staff in regards to Health and Safety of all staff, volunteers and campers. 


Conservation Education Camp Health Directors must be familiar with First Aid Equipment including safety equipment for prevention of blood borne pathogens (gloves, masks..), CPR masks, Automatic External Defibrillators, back boards, neck braces, splints, bandages, gauze, medical tape, ice packs, eye wash, wraps, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap, disinfectants and topical preventatives such as insect repellent, sunscreen, antibiotic cream, and anti-itch creams as well as analgesics such as Acetaminophen and ibuprofen and antacids such as tums, Rolaids, Maalox. The Camp Health Director will use computers to access records and to create reports.


  • Must be able to work entire camp season.
  • Must be comfortable working in outdoor conditions.
  • Ability to communicate instructions and advice effectively to campers, volunteers and staff.
  • Ability to work with a wide range of age groups.
  • Comfortable talking with children about health related concerns.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel and Word documents.
  • Ability to use online camper registration system.
  • Ability to organize camper documentation, medical supplies, and records
  • Comfortable contacting and working with Department of Health regarding camp program needs.

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