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Job Description

Medical-Surgical Nurse Job  

We are seeking a highly capable medical-surgical nurse to join our team. In this role, you will be providing bedside care for pre-and post-surgery patients, monitoring vital signs, and administering prescribed medications. 

To ensure success, medical-surgical nurses should possess extensive knowledge of various health conditions and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. An outstanding medical-surgical nurse will be someone whose expertise translates into exceptional patient care. 

Medical-Surgical Nurse Responsibilities: 

  • Assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans in consultation with healthcare professionals. 

  • Evaluating medical information, as well as providing direct and individualized bedside nursing care to pre-post-surgery patients. 

  • Preparing, administering and recording prescribed medications. 

  • Changing dressings, inserting catheters, and starting IVs. 

  • Adjusting specialized medical equipment as needed, as well as interpreting and recording measurements. 

  • Monitoring patients' vitals and reporting adverse reactions to medications in a timely manner. 

  • Collaborating on discharge planning with the healthcare team. 

  • Answering questions and educating patients and their families on surgical procedures and post-surgery care. 

  • Maintaining and updating patient files, medical charts, and health records. 

  • Adhering to best nursing practices, standards, and protocols. 

Medical-Surgical Nurse Requirements: 

  • Associate's degree in nursing 

  • Bachelor's degree in nursing preferred 

  • Certified MS-RN preferred. 

  • At least two years' experience as a medical-surgical nurse in a similar facility. 


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Medical Surgical Nurse


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This website is fantastic! Mother of a Special Needs Child.

"I am a Registered Nurse and the mother of a special needs daughter. I have used to hire a competent CNA/Nurse to care for my 9 year old special needs daughter. The website is fantastic and has put us in touch with several people to help fill some of our PCA hours. It is such a relief knowing there is a place to go to look for competent and compassionate medical professionals to care for complex and vulnerable loved ones."

5 Lori H North Andover MA 2/24/2015