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The Elliot Lewis Center is seeking a part time infusion nurse. The Center manages approx.. 150 infusions per month with one full-time infusion nurse and one part-time infusion nurse. We are seeking a candidate to work 16-20 hours per week.
The Elliot Lewis Center treats patients with multiple sclerosis, many of whom are treated with infusion therapy. The nurse’s responsibilities include mixing and administering IV medications, monitoring patients throughout the infusions, scheduling patient appointments and organizing their plan of care. The nurse works closely with the team of doctors, nurses, infusion coordinator, clinical research team (and 2 service dogs) to ensure the best possible patient care.  
Principle Duties and Responsibilities
·         Perform patient assessment, evaluation and review medications
·         Place peripheral intravenous access; draw blood for lab tests when needed
·         Mix and administer IV medications
·         Monitor patients throughout infusions including monitoring vital signs, assessing intravenous sites, adjusting infusion rates, and performing assessments for possible reactions
·         Provide education for new patients and emotional support throughout treatment
·         Document electronically
·         Prepare charts and orders
·         Schedule patients for their treatments and work with the team to organize plan of care (timing of MRI’s, lab work and doctors’ visits)
·         Work closely with the infusion coordinator to ensure patients are authorized by insurance
·         Contact specialty pharmacies and insurance companies as needed
·         Assist in managing inventory
    Skills and Abilities Required
  • BSN
  • Prior IV or infusion experience necessary
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Outstanding organizational skills required
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with patients and physicians

About The Elliot Lewis Center

The Elliot Lewis Center offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients with multiple sclerosis, their families and caregivers. 
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Wellesley, MA, United States

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Part Time Infusion Nurse


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This website is fantastic! Mother of a Special Needs Child.

"I am a Registered Nurse and the mother of a special needs daughter. I have used to hire a competent CNA/Nurse to care for my 9 year old special needs daughter. The website is fantastic and has put us in touch with several people to help fill some of our PCA hours. It is such a relief knowing there is a place to go to look for competent and compassionate medical professionals to care for complex and vulnerable loved ones."

5 Lori H North Andover MA 2/24/2015