Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/VP of Core Limited Health Related Services

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Job Description

The VP of Core Limited Health Related Services/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner will be assigned as the overall Unit Administrator/Medical Director for the Foster Care VFCA Article 29-i Health Facility (Article 29i clinic). The position will provide overall direction, leadership, management, patient care, and strategic vision to the five core services to include the delivery and assurance of the quality of clinical care, program planning and development, and the promotion of health education to the population and a host of clinical and casework services offered to our foster care population. He/She will report directly to the Chief Program Officer or the Senior Administrator. Duties also include but are not limited to:
  • Provide direction and expertise to the development and delivery of a range of services, programs and interventions that support quality of health care for the foster care population.
  • Oversight of all business and administrative functions regarding the Article 29-i VFCA Health Facilities License
  • Ensure a plan for intervention and emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Provide direct primary care to the pediatric children/youth population.
  • Provide direction to departmental efforts to secure necessary human and fiscal resources
  • Organize workflow and relationships, assign priorities for staff, devise strategies and utilize technology for achieving desired outcomes; promote the efficient use of resources.
  • Evaluate staff, develop strong sense of teamwork, establish an environment of mentoring and support, encourage interaction & collaboration
  • Interpret standards of health care, clinical and preventative, within parameters set by the Centers for Disease Control, and local, state and federal laws.
  • Conduct regular assessments of patient needs and goals. Undertake corrective measures for improvement as needed.
  • Meet with staff on administrative and health matters. Communicate the health care needs of the patients. Serve as a highly visible health facility resource and consult on matters of health and preventative care and education.
  • May perform health history, physical examination and psycho social assessment of patients
  • Orders laboratory, per practice protocols, differentiates between normal/abnormal findings and follows protocols for abnormal findings, which may include referral to consulting physicians.
  • Completes documentation relative to deeming medical necessity for patients needing additional other limited health services.
  • Prescribes medications according to New York State law, including controlled substances with DEA authorization.
  • As the assigned NP/ Medical Director, for the level I & level II Foster Care Core Limited Health Facility (Article 29-i), provides complete oversight of the medical/mental health staff according to the rules and regulations, as outlined in the delineation of privileges.
  • Evaluates treatment and health care plans for effectiveness and modifies per clinical standards and practice protocols.
  • Considers needs/behaviors of specific population and cultural background in all patient care.
  • Highly proficient with electronic health record systems.

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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/VP of Core Limited Health Related Services


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This website is fantastic! Mother of a Special Needs Child.

"I am a Registered Nurse and the mother of a special needs daughter. I have used to hire a competent CNA/Nurse to care for my 9 year old special needs daughter. The website is fantastic and has put us in touch with several people to help fill some of our PCA hours. It is such a relief knowing there is a place to go to look for competent and compassionate medical professionals to care for complex and vulnerable loved ones."

5 Lori H North Andover MA 2/24/2015