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In 2003, Sylvia Allen went with a non-profit organization on a humanitarian trip to Uganda, Africa. While she was there, she was asked by Geofrey Kawuma, head of the Mbiriizi Primary School, to be the school’s Grandmother. With 1,000 children in the school, of which 250 are orphans due to the AIDS crisis, she was honored to accept the responsibility. Out of this Sylvia’s Children was born, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of her ‘grandchildren’; to give the children a fighting chance.
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Holmdel, NJ, United States

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Allen is the founder of Sylvia’s Children, a charity devoted to helping more than 1,000 students and orphans, ages 3 to 14, at the Mbiriizi Primary School in Masaka, Uganda. Since that first trip in 2003, the Holmdel, NJ resident has raised more than $800,000 for the school.

Her goal is to make the school self-sustaining. “The community is filled with industrious and creative people,” Allen says, “it’s common sense that once they have a solid foundation, including quality education and basic necessities, they will flourish. It begins with nurturing the children.”

After all these years, the money she’s raised has helped construct a working well (in many developing countries, access to clean water is difficult), a library stocked with books, the expansion of classrooms, new desks and the purchase of land near the school, among other things. Nonprofit organizations are allowed to allocate 15 percent of their donations to administrative costs, but Allen chooses to put 100 percent of the donations back into the school and pay the administrative costs with her own money.

Sylvia is a successful entrepreneur, author and consultant, she is also a professional motivational speaker and book publicist. She has traveled the world providing media relations skills training to audiences. Sylvia Allen has a Master of Arts Degree from Empire State College in Culture and Policy, she was Cum Laude. She also has a BA degree from the University of Minnesota in Speech/Theater Arts.

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