A Holistic Approach to Nursing from our nurse of the week Lissett Grant



Meet our newest nurse of the week Lissett Grant – her unique background and holistic approach to nursing inspires all of us in our practice!

My name is Lissett Grant. I went to Boston College and started working as a homecare nurse as soon as I graduated college as I knew that is where I wanted to grow professionally. As a home care nurse I started off as a private nurse and eventually got a position as a case manager managing a community of about 30-40 patients. Seeing patients in their home setting is a privilege and is a very humbling experience. It is an honor to have someone welcome you into their home and trust you with their health. As a visiting nurse I realized just how many medications people were on and how diet and exercise could help reduce the amount of meds as well as change their quality of life. I am currently in school to become a holistic practitioner in hopes to teach people that food can also heal and that alternative medicine can be used in conjunction with western medicine. Helping people with their health is my purpose in life and being a nurse allows me to fuel my heart on a daily basis

Name: (and age) Lissett Grant (28)

Years working as a nurse: 5 years

Current Position: Home Care Clinical Case Manager

What brought you into the nursing profession? When I was in college I was originally enrolled in the premed program and I thought I wanted to be a MD. Unfortunately my Junior year in college my aunt got sick with breast cancer and I spent a lot of my time in the hospital while she was receiving treatment. During my time with her I noticed that the nurses built an amazing relationship not only with her but with my family as well. The relationship between the nurses and my aunt was the type of relationship that I saw myself obtaining while working with patients and to my surprise the time spent between us and her doctors were very minimal. That was when I decided to switch my career and switched from my premed program and enrolled in the nursing program.

Where did you get your nursing degree? Boston College

First RN/LPN position (and how you got it… we’ve all been there!): My first position was in home care as a private nurse. I was very close with my community nurse instructor and told her before I graduated that I was interested in home care. As soon as I graduated she was able to connect me to the VNA private care where I began my career as a home care nurse.

Random fact/hobby: I made a pack with my two best friends that we would travel to each others countries before we got married or had children. After we graduated college we spent some time traveling to Guatemala (my country), Albania, Italy, Vietnam and the Caribbean.

Biggest career challenge and how you’ve overcome it (or how you are currently working to overcome!):
Not to be too sensitive to people’s energy. As a nurse we communicate with people who clearly, need assistance with their health. Being sick or hurt may cause someone to be sad, upset cranky or emotional and sometimes they take it out on us as nurses. Remembering to be compassionate of their circumstances and not take their tone or words personal can sometimes be a struggle. Especially when the tone is aggressive.

Any projects on your desk right now? I am interested in Holistic medicine as well. I am currently enrolled in the Natural Healing College to become a Holistic health care practitioner. My goal is to help people heal themselves using either eastern medicine, western medicine or a combination of both. I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner which is a form of healing using energy.

Do you have a blog or website you would like us to feature?

What item is most useful to you as a nurse? (What piece of equipment or clothing could you NOT do your job without?)
My Blood pressure cuff. A BP can tell a lot about someone’s current condition and health status

Do you have a fondest memory or favorite nursing experience? I had a patient who was recently prescribed insulin as he was a type 2 diabetic. He told me he wished he would not have to administer insulin as he had a fear of needles. I worked with him for about 6 months and with discipline and hard work he was able to completely get off the insulin and was put on Metformin alone. He then continued the healthy diet he was adhering to and enhanced his exercise routine. Eventually his diabetes was controlled with diet alone. He told me he felt like a new person and was very grateful for my patience and dedication with helping him achieve his goal. It was nice to see how happy and proud of himself he was. Moments like these are reminders of why I love being a nurse.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to a new nurse? (first year working) Throughout your nursing career you might feel frustrated as you give people the tools to live a healthier life and yet they don’t always use it. Don’t take it personal. You could only teach and help people by teaching how to live healthier but ultimately it is up to them to walk the path. Also a care plan must be modified to the individual’s goals. Someone might have a goal to drink less soda and more water and if and when that is achieved, the milestone must be celebrated as you would someone who completely changed their entire diet. Positive reinforcement is never overused!


A Holisitic Approach to Nursing by Lissett Grant BSN