Ryalto was created to streamline the life and work of those in the hospital, all in one app, that increases staff productivity, communication, engagement and shift scheduling, while decreasing time resources and costs to the hospital – welcome to the future of an engaged workforce.

Ryalto Statistics

 Highly Engaged Users

  • Over 80% of all users check the app more often than weekly.
  • CNO newsletter was read by 50% of staff within 10 minutes of release.
  • Ryalto is the official Communication Platform for the Royal College of Nursing:
  • RCI was challenged to get their information out effectively to their 450,000 nurses across the UK and contracted with Ryalto to share their articles and researchers.
  •  In our pilot

  • RCI information was opened by over 50% of readers spending more than 3 minutes per article.
  • Ryalto was able to identify which information was most read, by whom and for how long so that RCI can better tailor future       messaging to their members.
  • Increased staff pick up of “overtime/open” shifts by 12% within in the first 3 months of deployment leading to a 20% reduction in agency fees in the first 3 months. 
  • Savings of $200,000 and projected yearly savings of $1,000,000 in year 1.

   Research has shown a triple value of an engaged workforce

  • A study conducted by the Kings Fund March 2018, showed that there is a statistically significant, direct relationship between engagement and sickness/staff absenteeism.
  • The study concluded that an increased engagement score of just 0.12 on a scale of 1-5 on the NHS staff survey, led to a savings of 1.7 Million pounds due to agency spend but also additional significant benefits to patients and staff including:

     Impact on Patients

  •  Lower levels of patient mortality
  •  Higher levels of empathy towards patients resulting in patients reporting they were treated with dignity and respect.
  •  Higher levels of patient satisfaction scores

    Impact on Staff

  • Staff is more committed to the Organization and involved in their  roles
  • More likely to work collaboratively
  •  Go “the extra mile”
  •  Deliver higher level quality patient care, positively reinforcing their roles and relationship with the organization.

Effective, Track able and Engage able Communication

On Ryalto’s proprietary platform, we have streamlined effective communication among hospital staff – which means you are able to track and target messages to specific staff for anything from polls and surveys, to infection outbreaks on specific hospital floors, and know who and who has not received the information.

  •  Alerts, Training and Hospital Policies: can be shared and tracked for “staff open rates” on who, when and how long the staff engaged with the content:
  •  Example: Infection Control: Norovirus Outbreak on Floor 5:
    •  Immediate message can be sent to all staff that works on Floor 5 regarding the  outbreak.
  •  Included in the message:
    •  Hospital Policy on how to manage Norovirus
    •  Video and or link to training on Norovirus Protocols for the Hospital
    • Know who opened the alert and how much time they spend reading the material.
    • Ability to tie this in with “required training’s” that can be tracked and stored  right in the employee HR record.
  • Example: Fall Risk:
    • Set up a group between Nurses on all floors with interest in fall prevention.
    • Information can be shared in the group to best practices.
    • Surveys can be done weekly on at-risk floors to engage with staff of best  practices.
    • Best practices and new techniques can be shared right to groups with video.


   Polls and Surveys: can be conducted through the News-feed, Messaging or Groups

  • Direct staff messaging: or targeted messages to specific staff, i.e.
  • User to User, Hospital to user communications, VOIP (call via the platform)
    • from: Specialties, floors, managers, and specific groups.
  •  Create Groups: on specific topics and issues central to quality improvement initiatives.
  • News Feed: to post such things as:
    • CEO/CNO/Hospital Newsletters or Videos
    • Recognition programs “Employee of the Month”
    • Research done by the hospital
    • New initiatives, hospital policies and events.

Ryalto serves as the Hospitals own “Social Media Platform” to engage with and effectively communicate  with their employees all via a simple app on employee’s phones

Emergency-Disaster Communication:

  • Alerts for Bad Weather: notify staff of a blizzard and hospital policies sent out via the app with on-screen notification.
  • Active Shooter Alert: Alert all staff with an emergency notification via their phones.
  • Mass Casualty Alert: Need for more staff – specific skill sets – send out message directly to specific,  specialties to ask to come in and assist.

Data Collection

  • Extensive data collection: and tracking abilities to engage with staff.
  • Target by: specialty, floor, license, geographical location
  • Staff Open Rates: Know which messages are opened by which staff members.
  • Staff Satisfaction Scores & Tracking: able to rate daily their satisfaction of their jobs via Ryalto’s Fabometer
  • Polls and Surveys: right through the Rylato platform.
  • Shift Fill Rates: Know what shifts are booked when and what shifts are toughest and easiest to fill  – decreasing need for agency spend and also which shifts need “incentives” for priority booking.
  • Engagement Measurements Tools: Know when Staff are reading materials and booking shifts.
  • Quality Improvement & Safety: Gather data quickly, efficiently for better quality outcomes.

Staff Training & Continuing Education

  • Access Training’s on the Go: staff can access training on the go via news-feed or messaging
  • Learning: development modules.
  • Video: or content based.
  • Track and Store Continuing Education: right in the staff record.

Credentialing, HR & Scheduling support tools

  • Validated skills and qualifications: on the platform
  • Enables working across different sites: and regions within the same hospital system
  • Staff are directed: to areas where the need for their skills is greatest in real time.

Scheduling of Shifts 

  • The Ryalto app currently works with your scheduling system to identify which shifts have gone unfilled and shares these shifts via the app to your employees.

Statistics on Shift Fill Rates

  • 12% increase in staff picking up overtime/open shifts on the app – driving down use of agency nurses.
  • 5,200 shifts accepted via the Ryalto App
  • Average shift filled within 6 minutes of posting.
  • 20% decrease in agency spend.
  • Saving front-line Nurse Managers from 2 hours a day worried about schedules, to 2 hours a  week (10 hours saved a week)

How it Works

  • Shift Matching based on preferences
  • Calendar View
  • Payroll information

Ryalto saves time, money and resources, while driving up outcomes, engagement and communication of hospital employees to create a highly engaged workforce of the future.   

Let us help you engage better with your staff today. 

Contact Rebecca Love for details: rebecca@ryatloapp.com