NCLEX Hints Part 2



  • 1.   The NCLEX wants to make sure you do 2 things as a Nurse by the course of your action (or inaction):

1. Never Harm Anyone

2. Never Kill Anyone


  • 2.      Know your ABCDs of Nursing: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, “Da-Brain” (Neuro) Make sure you can interpret how these conditions present ie. S/S of Airway problems, breathing problems, circulation issues and neuro issues. Generally when priority questions are posed NCLEX Answers are the sign or symptom related to Breathing or Circulation problems.(Next week we’ll do some sample questions!)


  • 3.      Know your Normals: (Lab Values & Vital Signs)

a.       When Something is ABNORMAL = BAD = Intervention (do something – that person is at risk for harm or death)

b.      When Something is Normal = Good = Chart it (no intervention needed)


  • 4.      Position Changes are often the Correct Answer on the NCLEX (they are within the realm of nursing practice and do not require a doctors order).


  • 5.      Choose the “Best Answer” – Stick to the FACTS:  there will be 2 answer choices you can eliminate, 2 answer choices that appear both relatively true.  Remember that when part of an answer choice is INCORRECT, the whole Answer choice is wrong. The NCLEX will attempt to distract you – make sure you stick with the FACTS.

By: Rebecca Love RN, MSN, ANP