New Graduate Nurse Residency Program Opportunity in Wales, United Kingdom!


In an exciting opportunity, and Epic World Jobs has launched a New Graduate Nurse Residency Program in Wales, United Kingdom for new nurses from the United States and Canada to gain international nursing experience in excellent hospitals across Wales in the United Kingdom!
The new graduate nurse residency program is a 18-24 month nurse residency program that will train you to operate in Level 1 Hospitals and develop leading nursing skills and practice.  To qualify New Graduates most have 6 months of nursing experience post graduation, 500 clinical hours in their nursing school program, and a desire to gain excellent hospital nursing training, and the ability to work, live and travel abroad!  The best thing about this position is the schedule, 3 – 12 hour shifts a week – plus 5 weeks of paid vacation right when you start! Not to mention all the other amazing benefits, health insurance and enrollment into the British pension system.
To apply, please make your profile on and send in your resume. You will be contacted for a skype interview.
New Graduate Nurse Residency Program Opportunity in Wales, United Kingdom.

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