Our February Nurse of the Month, Alma Alagic

Nurse of the Month

February NOM

My name is Alma Alagic and I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I moved to the US in 2004 and decided to become a medical assistant. I worked as an MA for 6 years before I decided to go back to school. I must say that I worked with some amazing nurses who supported me every step of the way while I was in nursing school. I worked full time and attended school in the evening. Having a 3 year old it was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. My first job was in a nursing home. I enjoyed it very much but wanted something different. Today I work in Mohs surgery (skin cancer removal) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)and I’m very happy with what I do. My goal for the future is to obtain my BSN or even MSN. Who knows! 🙂

Name: (and age)

Alma Alagic, 32

Years working as a nurse:

4 years

Current Position:

Registered nurse in Dermatology surgery at MGH

What brought you into the nursing profession?

Working as a medical assistant and the desire to advance my career.

Where did you get your nursing degree?

Bunker Hill Community College

First RN/LPN position (and how you got it… we’ve all been there!):

Rehab facility in Saugus, MA.  My friend was working there as a billing manager and referred me to the DON. I had an interview and was hired.

Random fact /hobby:


Biggest career challenge and how you’ve overcome it (or how you are currently working to overcome!)

How physically and mentally straining nursing can be.  Not only do we need to be on our feet 8 plus hours a day, but we go home with the thoughts of the day and the worry about our patients and wanting what is best for them always.

Any projects on your desk right now?

Not right now. Hoping soon to be enrolled in an RN to BSN program.

What item is most useful to you as a nurse? (What piece of equipment or clothing could you NOT do your job without?)

Definitely scrubs 🙂

Do you have a fondest memory or favorite nursing experience?

There’s many. But always like to remember one of my hospice patients and the experience I had with him as well as the family members.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to a new nurse? (first year working)

Always ask questions. Never assume anything.


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