Nurse of the Week: John Adamczyk RN, BA

John Pic would like to recognize John Adamczyk RN, as our Nurse of the Week.  John’s unique story on why he decided to be a nurse and his experiences of overcoming some powerful physical challenges (ie. having a toe-thumb transfer) while in nursing school combined with his inspirational story since working as a nurse had us recognize John as this Nurse of the Week. We think you’ll enjoy his witty, humble and charming story. John – we are glad you are a nurse! Thank you and Congratulations!
John currently works as an RN on a Cardiac/ Respiratory Rehabilitation floor.
Here is a little more about John:
Age: North of 50
Years working as a nurse: 11 years as a nurse, and 8 years as a PCA (Patient Care Attendant)
What brought you into the nursing profession?
I was laid off multiple times from a factory position and attended a job fair. I started to walk out the door and a hospital said, “come work for us on our oncology floor”.  I stated that I had never worked in a hospital setting and they said they would provide training,
It was the best choice I’ve ever made, other than asking my wife to marry me.
While working on the oncology floor I looked around and I was at the bottom of the hierarchy, I wasn’t a doctor so couldn’t write orders, I wasn’t a nurse so I couldn’t give medicine, BUT I could still make a difference in the patients care. I could listen, give care and concern on a personal level to both the patients and family, and even lighten the mood with one of my silly jokes. For a moment the patient would forget they had cancer.

Where did you get your nursing degree?

Associates Degree at Mass Bay Community College:
The opportunity to begin my studies for my Associates Degree resulted from a devastating accident. I was helping a friend install a garage door opener and a part failed which amputated  by thumb and partially amputated two fingers. After extended days in the hospital and numerous surgeries, I could not return to work until my hand was healed.  I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to go back to nursing, but all that I could see myself doing WAS nursing.  With my hand bandaged I was able attend classes and sit and study.
Bachelor Degree at Framingham State University:
with a grade point average of 3.92 while still working full-time.
Random fact /hobby: Fact: My big toe is now on my hand!  After my thumb was amputated, I wasn’t sure if I could be a nurse without a thumb which wasn’t an option so I had a “toes thumb transfer”
Fact: I am a insulin dependent diabetic, which is life changing but I use my own life situation to help other diabetics learn and cope with their disease.
Hobby: Cycling. I have completed two Mount Washington bicycle races. One of  steepest bicycle hill races on the East Coast!
Hobby: Woodworking. I have made bowls, pens, peelers, bottle openers, signs, and tables
Hobby: Camping, Hiking

 Biggest career challenge and how you’ve overcome it (or how you are currently working to overcome!): I think the most challenging thing that I face everyday at work is how give the best patient care based on the changing health care system.

Any projects on your desk right now?
“The Honey Do List”.
What item is most useful to you as a nurse? (What piece of equipment or clothing could you NOT do your job without?)
My heart!
Do you have a fondest memory or favorite nursing experience?
There have been a number of them: funny, happy, and sad.
One experience that stands out is when I entered a patient’s room that was on oxygen, and saw her clothing on fire. I put the flames out and was glad that the nasal cannula  didn’t catch fire because it would have blown up.
Another experience was with a patient that had COPD. She had been sent to the ER many times, and her health had deteriorated again. We were in the room with her and the code cart. We asked her if she wanted to be intubated one more time… She held up her hand with her index finger up, gesturing “one more time”.    Today she visits us once a year bringing treats and her “one more time” has allowed her to see her children’s graduation and many more things!
That’s what nursing is all about!
What one piece of advice would you pass on to a new nurse? (first year working)
This is what a tell the nursing students that come to our hospital:
Nursing is like cutting a piece of wood: relax and let the saw do the work. If you cut wood too fast you bog the saw down and burn the wood. Just relax and let the saw do the work. Nursing is the same, relax and be safe, and let experience build your speed, which will result in a great clinician.
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