Congratulations to Cinthia Miramontes – our Nursing Scholarship Winner and January Nurse of the Month

cWe at would like to Congratulate Cinthia Miramontes as our 2016 Nursing Scholarship Winner and our January Nurse of the Month!

Wait to you read her story – a single mother of 3, that after 13 years as a CNA went back to nursing school – “where there is a will, there is a way“. Cinthia just graduated and we wish her the best of luck on her NCLEX and entering the world of nursing! Cinthia – you are inspiration to the rest of us!  Congratulations!

Cinthia Miramontes: January 2017 Nurse of the Month and Nursing Scholarship Winner! Her Story:

I have been a Certified Medical Assistant for 13 years and while my experience has been great and I have learned so much, I’ve also had the privilege to meet many nurses that demonstrated to me the impact one can have on another’s life and the obvious need there is for nurses. They inspired me to believe that I can be as great a nurse as they are and they validated how rewarding this profession is through their endless love and passion for nursing despite the years. I wanted to have that same joy and passion of helping others in their time of need, all the while loving what I do and making a difference by impacting people’s life for good. Their passion became mine. As a single mother of three wonderful boys, I also strive to be a role model for them and show them that just because things don’t always go the way you planned or come as quick as you’d like them to, you sure can keep dreaming and you CAN achieve what your heart desires and what you put work in to. It’s been a long journey and though it doesn’t end with a BSN for me, it’s a nice place to make a stop.

Name: (and age): Cinthia Miramontes, I am 35 years old

Years working as a nurse: Just graduated from nursing school in December

Current Position: Preparing for NCLEX!

Where did you get your nursing degree? I received my BSN at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, IL where they have the most amazing faculty ever…ever!

What brought you into the nursing profession, why did you become a nurse? I enjoy helping others, being able to make their day easier and brighter in any way. Nursing is an amazing profession with endless opportunities where you never grow bored and you have the ability to change someone’s life with a single touch. Being bilingual especially has given me the opportunity to even be the voice for patients at times where they need to be heard without borders. The impact nurses have on their patients is unique and priceless. The demand is there and I am ready to fulfill it.

First nursing position (and how you got it… we’ve all been there!): I have yet to take the NCLEX, which I plan to take by the end of January. My desire is to be an ER nurse.

Biggest career challenge and how you’ve overcome it (or how you are currently working to overcome!): My biggest challenge yet definitely was nursing school as a non-traditional student trying to balance school with a full-time job, 3 growing boys and life itself! Nursing school was the hardest thing I have had to endure for that period of time. It required much determination and dedication even when I was tired, sick, struggling and basically at my wits end with everything. My strategy however was always to take it one semester at a time, which is what not only got me through but also helped me never to lose focus or hope. At those moments where I didn’t believe in myself, I remembered those individuals that never stopped  believing  in ME and my children, that have waited for so long to see this accomplished, I couldn’t let them down.

How do you feel we can empower and inspire the nursing profession?  Empowering and inspiring other current or prospective nurses is an aspect of this noble and rewarding profession that enriches those that do. Living by example, practicing our skillset at our best, offering moral as well as professional support and motivating fellow nurses by our example to reach their potential is a great way to pay it forward. does a great job propelling nurses to their best by connecting resources, communication, careers, and opportunities in which foster personal and professional growth potential. The phrase “nurses eating their young” should not be heard of but instead a “passing of the torch” with all the skills and experiences shared; this is how we inspire and empower a profession that holds much value and honor. .

What item is most useful to you as a nurse? (What piece of equipment, training or clothing could you NOT do your job without?) As a nursing student I can definitely say it would have been hard to do my job without my stethoscope.

Do you have a fondest memory or favorite nursing experience?  My favorite nursing experience was when I got that “Aha!” moment as a nursing student and everything began to click and it all started to make sense finally. It motivated me to keep going and gave me a sense of accomplishment for all the hard work I’d put in so far and the light at the end of the tunnel suddenly didn’t look so far anymore. I remember thinking to myself, “I feel like a nurse, a-real-nurse!!” However, as a soon to be nurse, I am looking forward to many fond memories/experiences throughout my career.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to someone wanting to become a nurse, a student nurse, a new graduate or a seasoned nurse who has helped you along the way? To a nursing student- you can do it! Don’t give up. When you think it’s bigger than you and that you’re not smart enough, don’t give up! When the world around you is falling apart, don’t give up! When no one else believes you can do it, Believe in yourself and do it! The greatest feeling EVER is when you are finally done- no matter how long it takes, you will not regret it and you’ll be so very proud.

If you wanted to thank one person in your journey in nursing – who would that be and why? Oh wow, this is hard! There have been so many people that have inspired, encouraged, and supported me through my nursing school journey, that to pin just one, I can’t. I’ve had my wonderful mom who has supported me through all these years to make it happen and always believed that I can, the nurses in my life that believed in me, inspired me and welcomed me into this esteemed profession, my friends who have encouraged and helped me through this journey without letting me go insane. I am so thankful for each and every one of them in my life (you know who you all are) and for the impact they have made.

What will you do with the scholarship?  I applied for this scholarship to help with the cost of expected fees in my last semester as a nursing student in effort to lessen that burden on my household. Since I have graduated already, I will use the scholarship to pay for my NCLEX exam as well as expenses in preparing/studying for it. Thank you SMYS and 

Cinthia Miramontes: 2016 Nursing Scholarship Winner!!!

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