So you’re going to Nursing School! Now What?


Surviving Nursing School 101

So you’re going to Nursing School! Now What?

You are now entering what will be the one of the most intense phases of your life, but do not freak out. With the proper tools in your toolbox, you can and will succeed.  So here are a few “do’s and don’ts” to help you get prepped and ready to go!

DO go to every lecture. Woody Allen once said, “80 % of success is showing up”.  Lectures are often overlooked as an important component of your education, but this is where discussions are taking place to clarify concepts. Participate and be an active learner.

DON’T just sit there. Take notes! It’s simply not enough to listen and read a power point and think you’ll remember this pertinent information somewhere down the road. IMPOSSIBLE!

DO find a study group or at least one study buddy early on in nursing school. This is something I still do! It’s a great way to break down challenging concepts and may help keep you from falling behind.

DON’T procrastinate! In nursing school, time is of the essence! You need to make the time to study, Don’t just assume because you went to lecture and took a few notes on your power points that you’re all set, you’re not! You need to schedule the time to study the content in a timely fashion.

DO focus on your needs as a nursing student. A wise and wonderful nursing professor once told me, “You have the right to say ‘no’, it’s O.K., they’ll still love you”. During your time in school, particularly during midterms and finals, you are allowed to bow out of non-emergent events. You can and should skip your mother’s cousin’s daughter’s birthday!

DON’T try to fake it ‘til you make it. You simply will not be able to accomplish this! If you’re not sure of a concept or are struggling to understand it fully, then you need to seek some help. This is where a tutor comes in handy. If your school offers this service, use it. If not, schedule some time with your professors during office hours. Please do not hesitate. Nursing education is a continuous process that builds off of the prior content.

Preparation and focus are the keys to success in nursing school!