Personal Patient Advocate: What do they do?


Personal Patient Advocate: As an independent patient advocate I help decode your personal health information. Patient advocates are passionate about your concerns and want to assist their clients and their families for the best outcomes. Are you or someone you know in need of an Advocate that’s on your/their side?

Today’s health care system is more complex than ever and will be getting more so, very soon given present legislation… as a result is even more important for patients to get caring support they need. The truth is — It seems you hear some story about your friends or a member of the family that was involved in some type of a “medical horror story.”  If you want someone on your side YOU Need a Patient Advocate.
As a Patient advocate I help patients and their families understand medical diagnoses, treatments, prognoses and outcomes.  We review medical charts, labs, plans and I help interpret and explain what they mean to patients and their families.

You become most vulnerable when a crisis of a loved one obscures your abilities to think  and the pressure you feel to do what you are told to do by others is overwhelming. Sometimes later you feel fear and then guilt can set in when a turn of events happen, some are unavoidable, some are not.  Instead of taking a moment to stop and think, you make a decision with your emotions and not with a clear thought process.  Would it not be comforting to know you have a nurse-patient advocate a phone call away to discuss the change in condition, recent laboratory results or  a recent conversation with the medical team?  Better yet get ahead of yourself and have a plan set up in motion when a crisis does occur.  A personal patient advocate has the ability to do just that help you a loved one do it plan for a medical crisis or prepare what you are going to ask of the doctor the next time you have an appointment.

Faith Lawlor has been a patient advocate for years.  She has worked extensively with patients and their families during times of medical crisis.  Stay tuned for more postings by Faith to learn how you can be best prepared for your medical treatment for yourself or loved ones.