Should I be a nurse?

The Best (2)Should I be  a nurse? It’s a question every nurse has contemplated before they decided to become a nurse. So here is a quick run down of the questions you should ask yourself if you wonder “should I be a nurse?”

1. Why do I want to be a nurse? Nursing is more than just a profession, it will define you forever in what you do.  Nurses are the most trusted professionals in the world – because we are often there on the threshold of life and death.  It is an honor and a privilege to share such moments with others.  What calls you to the profession?

2. Do I have what it takes to be a nurse? If you have the desire to relieve suffering in others then you have what it takes to be a nurse.

3. Have people mentioned to you – you should be a nurse? If so, it is likely they have seen something in you that separates you from the rest of the population. An ability in yourself to recognize that you are compassionate, intelligent and a person who cares for others above what is ordinary.  If someone has told you to be a nurse, that is a special blessing, for someone recognized in you the best of humanity.

4. Do you like to work as part of a team? Nursing is a great team sport, but also with moments of incredible independence.  It brings together a feeling of collaboration unlike few other moments when you have worked together to save someones life.

5. Do you love taking care of others? If yes, being a nurse is a perfect profession for you.

6. Have you frequently thought – I should be a nurse? It is not just a passing thought if you have frequently thought – I should be a nurse – it is a self directive to become one.

7. This is not a question, but so much as a statement: Nursing will bring you an endless list of opportunities – from medical mission trips, to working as a camp nurse, to in a hospital, as a professor or travel the world as nurse – nursing is the gateway to opportunity.  We ourselves as nurses, founded with the belief that the best of nursing is met when nurses are presented with such opportunities. Go achieve your dream!

Should I be a nurse? Yes.

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