Top 5 Nursing VLOGS

As streams of informational avenues continue to erupt in our digital age, vlogging has become another popular way to blog. It allows your audience to use their sense of listening and watching, instead of just reading.

When I decided to pursue the path of nursing, I allowed myself to explore a number of news mediums to learn about the profession. Exploring Youtube allowed me to do much more than just read an article, but experience the nursing journey with my own eyes.

What is a Vlogger?

VLOGGER: a video blogger; a person who creates a video blog (VLOG)

Vlogging also allows us the ‘viewers’ or ‘subscribers, to tag along through the nursing journey with those who create their own channel. Within each of their experiences, we (the viewers) are granted vast amounts of information on videos that explore topics such as How to study for Anatomy and Physiology I and II,  Advice for Pre-Nursing students, or A day in the life of a nursing student.

Now that we have introduced the concept of vlogging, we would like to give you the Top 5 vlogs that give extensive information, and content on what any new nursing interest, or nursing student would find extremely valuable.

  1. empoweRN , Caroline Porter Thomas

empoweRN was the first YouTube channel I watched when I decided that nursing would be the right career path for me. Caroline, a nurse herself came from an academic background where she struggled to do above average in school. In some of her videos, she explains how she could overcome that fear with discovering her learning style and applying those study methods aggressively during nursing school. She eventually graduated at the top of her class with honors. With over 87,000 subscribers and 300+ videos, Caroline’s channel addresses topics such as

  • ‘How to study’ videos: example ‘How to study for Anatomy and Physiology’ or ‘ How to stay motivated’
  • Pathophysiology : Disease patterns
  • Motivational videos for nurses/ nursing students

Caroline has also written two books. I recently started reading, How to succeed in Nursing School, which I’ve found to contain great information about how to navigate the world of nursing school. The book also has advice from nurses from different walks of life.

Check out Caroline Porters Thomas’ YouTube channel here:

2. Michael Linares, Michael Linares

He’s the creator of ‘Simple Nursing’, a student nursing tutorial product available online designed to assist students struggling in their nursing classes/ NCLEX preparation. Many have praised his program for helping them excel in classes, as well as pass the NCLEX board exam.  As well as having a website dedicated to a multitude of topics in nursing school, Michael also has over 400+ videos on YouTube that tutor students over the following:

  • Pharmacology
  • Prep for the NCLEX (nursing board exam)
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Crohn’s Disease vs. Colitis
  • Reading and understanding EKG’s

I like Michael’s channel because even if you’re not in nursing school quite yet, it still gives you an inside look at what you will be studying. You could even use many of his videos to assist in explaining things you don’t understand in foundational classes like Anatomy and Physiology I and II (example: videos on ‘fluids and electrolytes’ , or another interesting video on ‘liver  – which are both  topics discussed in Anatomy and Physiology II.

Here is Michael  Lanaris’  YouTube link, as well as the link for SIMPLE NURSING

3. Nurse Nacole, Nacole Riccaboni

Nurse Nacole has been on YouTube since 2009, giving out advice and addressing topics that the average nursing student faces in the classroom; or the challenges of  floor nurse. She is able to relate to many topics and discusses a skill vastly needed in the nursing world, critical thinking. Thousands of students have watched her videos on topics such as:

  • How to study from a textbook effectively
  • How to make a detailed study guide
  • Confidence and critically thinking

On Nacole’s vlog, she also details her work-life balance, as well as her pursuit of a DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) degree. You can follow her on that journey, if advancing your career is something you plan on pursuing as well.

Check out Nurse Nacoles YouTube channel here:

  1. Registered Nurse RN

Registered Nurse RN is strictly dedicated to the academic side of common nursing classes. With over 400+ videos on study tips, nursing skills, career advice, and free NCLEX reviews, this channel is where I learned how to master blood flow through the heart. They even have series dedicated to particular courses such as “Mental Health,” which is a course that all nursing students take in nursing school. You don’t just learn the How To’s on this channel; but Sarah lets you view sample NCLEX questions and works through the question helping you critically analyze why one question would be answered over the other. For further practice, there are lots of quizzes to test oneself on their website:

Check out their YouTube channel here:


  5. Ashley Adkins, RN, Ashley Adkins

Ashley Adkins has a strong YouTube following. In terms of variation, you can find almost anything related to nursing on her channel. There is everything from vlogs that detail how to study for pre requisite classes, to vlogs that introduce her as a new graduate nurse. Ashley has over 300 videos, and over 20,000 subscribers. You have a chance to see her transition from a nursing student into a graduate nurse who currently works in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). There is something on her channel to benefit the nursing hopeful, all the way to the new graduate nurse.

  • First ICU shift and feeling defeated
  • Quick Nursing resume tips (free resume template included)
  • Nurse/ Doctor Communication
  • How to listen to heart sounds
  • Live NCLEX tips

Here is the link to Ashley Adkins, RN’s YouTube channel:

Blog written by:Alexandra K. Amanambu


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