What Is Holistic Health?

My passion is helping people; I became a Holistic Practitioner originally to help heal myself. The more I learned about health and holistic healing I became inspired; I could use what I learned to help others. In the last few decades the amount of illness has increased in this country, the more I see, the more I want to help.

I specialize in chronic illness using nutritional advice, educating clean eating and how foods affect the body, herbal therapy which helps to regenerate and helps to heal at a cellular level and energy work, using crystals and reiki as well as more advanced healing practices. I see the body and get to the root of someone’s illness then educate them about why they are ill, and give them the tools to heal themselves.

My other passion is energy work, I fell in love with energy work a few years ago, I found it fascinating that by clearing the energy field around the body I can remove debris that prevents people from getting better. Everyone and everything I made of energy, I use that energy to remove blocks, help people understand the laws of attraction and how people’s thoughts and actions can either heal or hurt the body. By connecting the mind and body healing can take place.

I have helped people overcome many challenges from weight loss, to Lyme dis-ease to ALS, Adrenal issues and detoxification. It feels amazing when someone comes back to you as says, “thank you so much for helping me, I feel so much better”. this is what makes me believe that I am on the right path and helping people is my calling.

My business is Nature’s way holistic health and my job is to get to the root of a problem and give you the tools to help heal yourself and to make you feel heard and understood while providing you with a specific plan for your specific need(s). This is the key to creating your balance in health and life.

Blog written by:

Dr. Jodie MacDonald Ph.D
Nature’s Way Holistic Health
Holistic Health Practitioner, Master herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Naturopath.
Helping you get back to a natural state of health by providing you with an educated approach to the body.

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